Searching vs Filing

Nov 28, 2021
Search, and ye shall find? or teach a man to file, and he can find files by himself for a lifetime? Apparently kids these days can’t find anything for themselves in directories anymore, and worse, don’t even know what a directory is, and searching is to blame. But what’s the right answer? It’s both, and it’s always been both, but the two methods of navigating and finding files can appear to have a large overlap, even if, depending on the situation there is a clear advantage to one method.

Configuring and Theming a Hugo Blog

Oct 14, 2021
Wait, where is it? Refresh. It was here yesterday. Refresh. I spent all this time moving everything over, and now I can’t Google it? Refresh. That’s not point. Refresh. How am I meant to find anything again? Refresh. If I could remember it, I wouldn’t have to write it down and then search for it. Refresh.

Moving from Blogger to Hugo

Oct 6, 2021
Moving from Blogger to Hugo
It’d be easy they said, move to a static site generator, up and running in no time at all. Well, “they” might have been right, but “they” hadn’t counted on my inability to leave anything not understood.

The BellRays and Discovering Music in 2002

Sep 21, 2021
The BellRays and Discovering Music in 2002
"There's no accounting for taste" and "there's no justice" are unrevealing truisms, and something The BellRays almost certainly don't care about, but are probably as close to an explanation for the sad fact that they are not household names, as you're going to get.

Host a Hugo Theme Example Site

Aug 29, 2021
So you've written yourself a flash new theme for your Hugo based website. Perhaps you even want to share it on the Official Theme Collection, but what's a simple way of creating a demo site for people to try out, and preferably for free? Luckily it's not too hard, but also not completely obvious.

Blogger Error bX-2kvjq7 When Enabling HTTPS

Jan 26, 2020
Many browsers now enforce the use of HTTPS on websites to allow them to be used. If you, like me, want to enable this in Blogger (Setting > Basic > HTTPS - HTTPS availability) for your own domain (e.g. not ending “blogspot.com) but you get the error “bX-2kvjq7” you might not have validated your domain. In which case try: Settings > Basic > Publishing - Blog Address > Edit. Then make sure you’ve added both the CNAMEs suggested.

Best of Newly Heard in 2019

Dec 22, 2019
Best of Newly Heard in 2019
This year feels like it’s a much more guitar band heavy selection, even though I’m not sure that’s not true. It’s probably just that the top two choices come from two of my favourite bands, whom I fell in love with back in a time when only listened to guitar bands. As usual there’s a Spotify playlist to listen along to at home (or anywhere these days).

Git Commands I Keep Forgetting

May 15, 2019
This is my Git cheat sheet. There are many like it, but this one is mine. My cheat sheet is my best friend. It is my life. I must master it as I must manage my master. –The Repository Committer’s Creed

Best of Newly Heard in 2018

Dec 26, 2018
Best of Newly Heard in 2018
Becoming a parent means that 2018 has provided much less time to listen to music than what I would consider normal; which I suspect will become the new normal. (So much so that this review is not even being written in 2018, regardless of what the publish date says.) This means most of my choices this year come from a much smaller selection than usual, and contain fewer finds that seem to come out of the blue from hours of semi-random listening.

Installing Linux on a HP Stream 11

Feb 12, 2018
Installing Linux on a HP Stream 11
The HP Stream 11 is “cloud ready” laptop with the appearance, feel and finish of a Fisher-Price toy. It’s also very cheap, or in this case free, from a relative, as it’d managed to Windows Update itself into a corner. So there’s only one option to revive it.