Bristol Festival

Jan 14, 2012 · 294 words · 2 minute read

I’m overjoyed to hear that the Bristol Festival (BrisFest) has been given the go ahead by Bristol City Council to hold the 2012 festival in Ashton Court .

Last year’s festival was a huge success and I was fortunate enough to be able to volunteer in the week running up to the main event and help assemble the festival at the Lloyd’s Amphitheatre. Apart from one person, all the people involved in BrisFest are volunteers. I felt really privileged to work with so many enthusiastic, funny and generous people who work really hard to create something they love.
I also organised and promoted a number of fundraisers in the run-up to the 2011 festival, held at  Mr Wolf’s , one of the festival’s main sponsors.

All the acts volunteered their time as well to support the charity, raise some money, and allow it to continue its mission to promote local music, arts and culture.

To help promote the fundraisers I created a series of gig posters. Simple black and white, with the recurring outline of a wolf’s face, but each created out of different constituent parts. Each of these was designed to match the bands playing that particular fundraiser. I hoped that having a consistent theme between posters would allow people to recognise the regular events. Since a number of the places that let me display the posters would recognise the event from one month to the next based only on the poster design, I felt this was quite successful.


Many of these were kindly printed for free by a friends at Hello Blue , a Bristol based art printer.

Here’s hoping that BrisFest goes from strength to strength by moving to Ashton Court and I wish everyone involved the best of luck.