Sunday, 11 August 2013

Things That Just Keep Working

We always remember the things that failed us; the expensive gadget that broke after a year and a day, that feature that never lived up to its promise or the purchase we thought would be essential and then used twice before leaving it in a dark corner to gather dust.

Sometimes we get lucky, we get a champion, something that never lets us down and provides service far beyond what we paid for it and is more useful than we ever imagined. But we never remember those because they're just there working, quietly, unfailingly getting the job done.

Sunday, 4 August 2013

The Ribble Way

"Is it here?" We look at the phone, our location dot hovering somewhere close to 54.24401, -2.287632, which according to someone on the internet, is the earliest start of the River Ribble.

This unassuming roll of mossy windy hillside is Gavel Gap, Yorkshire. Derek and I are standing next to a gate in a drystone wall, being buffeted by a wind that's billowing through the long grass and bringing darker clouds our way. The footpath ahead starts to wind down the slope, the beginning of the 110km Ribble Way that leads south and west, out of Yorkshire, through Lancashire and to the Irish Sea.