Sunday, 27 April 2014

Thread and Self-Publishing

It ended well. Not spectacularly, but appropriately, well paced and without ruining the whole set-up with an anti-climax I’d been fearing since the mid-way point. I shouldn’t have set lower expectations because I knew it was a self-published book, but to my shame I did.

Thread is well written and enjoyable. You quickly get pulled into Bartleby Flynn’s quest to hunt down the author of an unknown book he finds in the library where he works. To do this he has to navigate the wider world for the first time, one he’s mostly managed to hide away from. While there are occasional typos and in a few places the font changes inexplicably between pages and paragraphs, I’d be hard pressed to claim that they were more noticeable in a professionally edited book. The descriptions of Flynn’s life are entertaining, as are the caricatured  descriptions of his colleagues. The story also brings up interesting questions about identity in a semi-anonymous internet and what it means to know someone.

Friday, 18 April 2014

Prototyp Car Museum

The Prototyp Car Museum smells, as it should, of petrol. If it didn’t I suppose they’d have to add the smell afterwards in the way supermarkets bake bread on site to make you hungrier. It’s not a large place, two floors of cars plus an exhibition in the basement about the 1950s racing driver Wolfgang von Trips, but nicely curated  and laid out.

Ludwig Z├╝ndapp F3 (1948)

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Dancing in the Dark

Work was a physical relief. Outside the heat felt supernatural, through the floor-to-ceiling windows the car park baked; shimmering waves around each brightly reflecting car, the tarmac soft underfoot and wheel.

Inside you were grateful to have a reason to sit in the air-conditioning, on the hottest days it almost felt that to have an excuse to sit in the cool air was payment enough. Almost.